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Row on 25th: Affordable Housing Development in Houston
By taking advantage of economies of scale, a Houston native and a pair of mod-minded developers team up to create nine affordable row houses in the Houston Heights.
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Houston, We've Solved a Problem
A bird flying over Houston, Texas, sees only a sprawling canopy of trees. It seems the perfect nesting place for creatures both avian and human alike; unfortunately, the green ends at the tree line. All of those leafy branches shade a city that appears to care little for sustainable design, with cars that chug gas by the low-mileage gallon and oversized houses that dominate the persistently expanding cityscape.
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Can you guess the price of this Texas country singer's eco-friendly escape in the Heights?


2015 • Rice Design Alliance
2014 • Showcased in Lincoln Continental Hello again
2013 • Featured Remodelista
2013 • Paper city
2010 • Plant green Television/Renovation Nation

2010 • LEED Certified gold home

2009 • Featured on ABC channel 13 News

2008 • Featured Houston Chronicle

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