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Ford Design has worked with individuals and families to create inspirational living environments. Our portfolio includes over one hundred custom commercial and residential projects.

We develop buildings from the inside out. We listen intently to our clients’ needs and closely observe their current use of space before creating the design that drives the project. Our full range of services encompass the roles of the designer, and landscape architect, dovetailing general contractor services and ensuring that every aspect of the project expresses a cohesive, functional, and aesthetic vision.


When Matt and Tina Ford purchased an old bungalow in Houston’s Montrose area in the 1990s, they became enthralled with not only the building process, but also the effect that the right home had on the lives of their clients. It became both a deeply personal passion and a mission. Twenty-five years later, the appeal to help families discover and realize their dream home has not faded. 

As a builder, when Matt looked at plans, he consistently saw opportunities to improve the project’s functionality. Clients appreciated his solutions and encouraged him to design homes, and he and Tina founded Ford Design LLC Development. After dozens of successful custom home projects, they expanded the scope of their services to include turnkey design, construction, and renovation of commercial spaces.

In 2016, Ford Design participated in a three-way design Charette that including Gensler. As a result, Ford Design was awarded the prestigious design contract to revamp a 200,000 square-foot three building campus in Costa Mesa California. Matt led the design efforts, while Tina focused on the interior aspect of the project. Our successful collaboration on this venture, now known as the Hive, marked a significant turning point for Ford Design.

The Hive featured innovative design, exceptional amenities and quickly attracted new tenants to the area. It eventually became the home of the newly formed Los Angeles chargers. This project showcased Ford Design’s ability to create exceptional spaces that surpass the expectations of the very competitive Southern California creative office market.

in 2018, Matt was offered a permanent position at Steelwave and was later promoted to creative director. Tina also remains involved with Steelwave as an interior design consultant, lending her expertise to several projects throughout Southern California.

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